A cost effective, time safe and faster HR solutions

Good resourceful employee management system

Employees are always considered as the backbone of an organization. Elevating your company's performance and profitability highly depends on their dedication towards the business. With efficient management of the employees, you will be able to attain smoother operation and a well-crafted structure and organization for your business.


Centralized HR Operation Management

 Dedicated operational modules

 Employee tracking and management

 All from a single platform


Dedicated Employee Management

The storage of employee information and details of operations in the company is now easy with the help of dedicated employee management module.

 Store employee skills and resumes

 Employee personal details storage

 Run onboarding and offboarding operations

Attendance Manage​ment

The employee leaves, time offs and attendance can be managed by the dedicated modules available.

 Attendance register with biometric devices

 Time off and employee vacation management

 Track employee work time with Timesheet

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Recruitment process has become easy and effective with a clear overview of each step

 Define your recruitment process

 Track each strange of applications and candidates

 Post job vacancies online

Payroll Management and Appraisal

Bring in a structure to the employee salary payments and the appraisal operations

 Payroll based on the employee attendance

 Define the salary structure at the time of employee on boarding

 Employee appraisal management

 Periodical employee evaluation

Advanced Reporting

HR bases reports play a key role in management operations and Odoo lets you develop advanced analytical reports

 Recruitment analysis reports

 Report on employee contract

 Attendance report

 Time off analysis report

The Odoo HR Management Has All The Dedicated Tools You Need

With the prominent collections of different useful modules which are crafted for specific applications of the HR operations, you will be able to run the operations hassle-free and with the utmost excellence in operations.

Manage your employees

The employee management module ensures that you have all the tools for it.

 Dedicated employee profiles

 Describe professional as well as personal information

 Confidentiality of information with the security

 Assign job role, department, and reporting manager

The recruitment process made easy

Run your custom recruitment process as per your need both online as well as offline.

 Post job offers on the website. 

 Set up payment terms

 Define custom stages for applications and track them

 Schedule the various stages of the process with calendar integration

 Leaves management

The employee leaves and time offs will be efficiently manageable in the leaves and time off module.

 Track of all employee vacations

 Leave request and approvals window

 Customized monthly leaves and time off

 Attendance monitoring.

 Advanced attendance registering options

Payroll and payslip management

Well-crafted payroll management system covering all the financial aspects regarding it.

 Generate payslips based on attendance

 Payroll generation based on time sheet. 

 Payroll generation based on salary structure

Manage your employee remuneration hikes

A dedicated appraisal management module will bring standardization to the process.

 Provision for appraisal request

 Approve or resume approval request easily. 

 Evaluate approval.

Now referring your loved ones is easy

With the dedicated referral module, you will be now able to refer your friends and family for a potion at your firm.

 Refer for all the positions

 Earn points for referrals. 

 Exchange points for gift items or product purchases

Dedicated fleet management

Manage your employees' vehicles with the fleet management module available.

 Keep tracks of mileage and maintenance

  Define vehicle contracts

  Assign vehicle to employees

  Monitor speedometer readings

Integrated modules

The integration of the modules available in Odoo will add up to the full-fledged functionality of your HR management operations. Numerous main modules, as well as submodules, are directly integrated for the complete management of the HR management operations.


The employee expenses regarding the company operations can be well managed with the integration with the expense management module.


All the financial aspects of HR operations such as the generation of the monthly payroll will be done with the help of the accounting module.

Biometric devices and barcode scanners

With the integration of biometric devices and barcode scanners employee attendance and relevant operations are well managed.