Mobile Application  (Android & iOS)

A complete guide to mobile application development

Kolpolok develops both Android and iOS mobile applications with visually pleasing UI (user interface) based on requirements provided by its clients. The purpose of the application is the vital point behind development as well as constant factor here.

 Then comes the design which initially revolves around the operation attempting to provide a contemporary look and feel, user-friendly navigation and eventually, through evolving making its way to becoming its final version achieving client satisfaction.

Develop your Mobile Application at a Convenient Rate

We have a wealth of practical knowledge in creating mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, we are skilled in developing intricate applications as well as games for mobile devices.

Our experience in designing mobile-based games for ASD Children - an initiative taken by ICT Division, is commendable and available in Google Play Store. 

Our Working Process

After finalizing an idea through a course of analysis, we start building our strategies to move on with our research team to know the inside-outs of each step combined with the technology being considered. Then, our development team proceeds day and night which brings the idea to reality.


Strategy & Set Goal

Planning a strategy and finalizing a goal for the result are the most important for a project.


Design & Prototype

Our graphic designers work on the app's design, and the initial prototype is discussed thoroughly.


Production & Testing

When the developers complete the product, it goes to testing immediately. Then, after multiple tests from different devices, we confirm the final product.

Types Of Mobile Apps We Develop



Test-driven Results

Every step taken by our teams to develop a software or an app goes through multiple testing stages so we can deliver a flawless project for our clients.


Excellent User Experience

We create each product as such so that the user experience is the best. Therefore, each interface is made to be straightforward and friendly for all.


Customer-Based Approace

We work according to our customer's requirements. We discuss every idea with our clients for utterly satisfactory performance.


Expert Developers

We have expert-level developers who simultaneously work on your assigned projects. The technical team comprises all tech developers, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows- the most prominent platforms.


Most Reliable and Experienced

Whether you're an established business or a start-up looking to outshine innovative ideas, our expert team is committed to providing high-quality services from our vast experience.


We Always Meet Deadlines

We understand how important your business is to you and your employees. Time is money, so delivering your project as quickly as possible is essential. We work diligently to ensure that all deadlines are met.

Our Recent Work

We have one goal- to deliver the best for our clients. The projects we have worked on had massive industrial success. We strive to keep this workflow consistent for our upcoming projects. In addition, we acknowledge a long-term connection with our most valuable clients by providing our best web and mobile app development services and support.