Smart Fleet Management   

A Vehicle Management System (VMS) is software designed to efficiently manage and optimize an organization’s vehicle fleet. This system helps businesses or entities with vehicles, such as transportation companies, logistics providers, government agencies, and commercial fleets, to effectively monitor, maintain, and control their vehicles.

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The Key features of our Vehicle Management System software:

 Vehicle Registration

 Vehicle Requisition

 Requisition Approval

 Trip Management

 Vehicle Maintenance

 Pick and Drop Facility

 User Management

 Role-Based User Access

 Fleet Management

 Vehicle Tracking

 Fuel Information

 Complain and Rating


 Accident History

 Vehicle Allocation

 Driver Management

 Driver Registration

 SMS for Driver Attendance Tracking

 Vehicle Reports

 Product Delivery

These detailed and organized features collectively empower organizations to efficiently manage their vehicle fleets, improve safety, reduce operational costs, enhance transportation services, and maintain comprehensive records for regulatory compliance and data-driven decision-making. If you want organized vehicle management for your company, feel free to knock us. Call now (+8801304812009) to order your VMS software.

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