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23 Nov 2023, 2:33pm

Odoo in Bangladesh

Kolpolok has established itself as a prominent ICT service/solution provider in home and abroad during last 8 years. With hard work of day and night Kolpolok paved its way full of successes. Kolpolok has recently become a solution provider with open-source “Odoo” – a Belgian suite of business management software tools. Bangladesh governments’ initiatives in turning this country from digital to smart is praiseworthy. With which Kolpolok declares complete solidarity and thus works towards development of the ICT Sector of Bangladesh through its small yet sustainable steps. Introducing Odoo here is considered one such significant step. Kolpolok believes, Odoo has potential to reign over other similar options due to its crucial features which will be discussed later in this blog.

Odoo is a user-friendly open-source platform that offers a range of solutions with industry specific modules as well as ERP solutions, which has already gained attention all over the world including Bangladesh. Odoo community is developed in order to boost knowledge-sharing and create a platform to perfect the imperfections. A number of reasons dominate for Odoo to be popular nowadays.

To start with, Odoo is a framework developed using programming language Python which is platform independent. Odoo is structured and easy to maintain. With Odoo a wide area of modules can be effortlessly designed including – Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, Inventory & Manufacturing, Planning & Project Management, CRM & Marketing, Hospital Management, Websites, E-Commerce Sites, other multiple productivity tools and the list goes on. Specially, Odoo 17 - the latest version has enabled more customizable and easy options for both expert and naïve developers simultaneously. 

Secondly, Odoo not only offers customizable solutions or modules for specific industry but also has developed a strong and wide-spread community to get quick obtainable solutions through it. It has numerous tutorials for its users to learn from and enabled knowledge-sharing platform for easy problem-solving.

Thirdly, Odoo is scalable and upgradable with easy integration. There are third-party collaborating options like Github and options to become a partner for Odoo solution providing.

Furthermore, Odoo is much more cost-effective with a wide range of business scope in comparison to the existing similar available business solutions like, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Salesforce, Zoho, Trello and many more. The following chart demonstrates where exactly Odoo has reached after all these years of fostering. 

Last but certainly not the least is, Odoo is worth your time. Since, its organized and loaded with easy development options right in front of its users to explore effortlessly in no time at all. This saves immense time, improves the speed of development however the quality of work is intact.

You might have a question by now. Why are we required here? We are the Odoo solution provider in Bangladesh. A little help from an expert hand can get you an appropriate and functional solution specially customized based on your business requirement exactly the way you would want to have. That’s where Kolpolok comes in at your service.

Although, in Bangladesh Odoo has not gained its required attention yet, in our opinion, there is a significantly huge business scope for Odoo in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, it’s not that late yet. Therefore, Kolpolok is now working to get Odoo its rightful place here as well as intends to work for the rest of the world as for Kolpolok “Sky is the limit”.

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